London Calling

Here are a few shots of us in London so far. We been having a great time, and the girls and I have been somewhere nearly every day that I'm not teaching, including shows and galleries. Click on each picture to see a larger version. More to come!

Customs At Heathrow

I didn't realize it until it was too late, but you're not supposed to take any pictures while you're in this line! But I wanted to get a picture of all the Mount Folk ASAP. (Loren and Jennifer went on the 'pre-tour' and thus were already in Europe.)

St. Paul's Cathedral

We had a great bus tour of central London on our first Saturday, to acclimate us to the town. We saw so much, it was a bit overwhelming! We stopped and took a quick walk around St. Paul's.

Queen Anne

There are statues everywhere; this is Queen Anne in front of St. Paul's.

Parliment and Big Ben

The weather has been ususually nice for us; sunny more often than not, although we did get the first accumulation of snow in (depending on which Londoner you spoke with) either 3, 5 or 10 years. This is taken from south of the Thames.

The London Eye

This giant ferris wheel is called "The London Eye." It holds 20 people per car and takes 1/2 hour for the trip around. It is supposed to give spectacular views of London. It's currently closed for maintainance, until the end of January.

Windsor Castle

This is the oldest and largest constantly occupied castle in the world, one of three official residences of the Queen. There are some publicly open 'apartments,' although not the day we were there.

St. George's Chapel, Windsor Castle

This beautiful exterior hides an even more beautiful interior. However, like most of the royal churches and castles, no photography is allowed inside. Many kings and queens (and other nobels) are burried here; we walked right over the crypt of Henry VIII and the only wife to give him a son, Jane Seymour.

The Mount at St. George's

Coming on the trip to Windsor were Scott, Mike, Jackie and Loren (Ronnie and Sara came too).

Hampton Court Palace

This is the entrance to Hampton Court Palace, the house along the Thames that Cardinal Wollsey built for himself, only to lose it to Henry VIII. The chimneys deserve special mention; the were unusual at the time, and the intricate brick work marks them as deliberate signs of wealth. That's Ronnie in front.

The Clock in Clock Court, Hampton

This clock tells the time, the month, the year, the Zodiac sign, and the high tide at London Bridge. However, no one was able to explain to us how to read it.

The "Window" Garden

There are several beautiful gardens surrounding Hampton Court, but the most impressive is probably the one that was designed to be seen out the window of the room where the King would meet guests. Sara and Ronnie wouldn't have been in view then, of course.

St. Martin-in-the-Fields

This church is just off Trafalgar Square. It was quite lovely, with many interesting details. When I visited (on a Saturday afternoon) they were setting up a harpsicord for an evening Vivaldi concert.

The National Gallery

Just north of Trafalgar Square. Many people were feeding the pigeons and just soaking up the sunshine, and posing with the giant lions at the base of Nelson's Column (just behind me as I take this picture).

Nelson's Column

Ah, there it is. Unfortunately, to get the top, you miss the bottom. Imposing.

Her Majesty, Elizabeth II

I had no idea it was so easy to visit with the Queen! Ronnie and Sara took the opportunity to get their picture taken with the richest woman in the world.

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