Everyday Life, & AIFS

Here's a view of what London looked like to me as I walked from my office in the University of London Union (ULU) Building, back to my flat.  Plus, I'll give you a view of the building AIFS is housed in, Dilke House.  And I couldn't resist showing you some picture of the wonderful AIFS London staff!

At my desk

As you can see, there are several desks in this small room for the visiting professors. We each sort of 'claimed' one when we first arrived, and then used it for the duration. Just outside this room was a bank of computers with high-speed access for faculty.

The University of London Union Building

As I leave the building, I look back to the entrance. There is also a gym, a small school supplies store, a sandwich shop, a pub, a travel agent, and a optician in this building! It is also physically connected to Birkbeck College.

Dilke House

Across Malet Street is the building that houses the London offices of AIFS, including the computer banks for student use. The student services offices are below street level, and the administrative offices are on the Ground Floor.

The School of Oriental and African Studies

SOAS was right on my 'commute.' The University of London has many specialized schools.

Another Interesting Building

I never did find out exactly what this building was. It was on the UL property, so I assume it must have something to do with the Univeristy of London.

Senate House and Library

This is the library for student and faculty use in London. It also includes a nice, cheap cafeteria on the ground floor.

Russell Square

Yet another of London's beautiful green squares, this one with a fountain in the middle, and a small cafe in one corner. Recently refurbished, this is a very popular place on any nice day, regardless of the temperature.

The Russell Square Tube Station (Pickadilly Line)

This was 'our' tube station; the one closest to our flat, and thus the one we were most likely to use. However, as this station relies on 'lifts' (elevators) to get people to and from the underground trains, and the lifts are often broken, it is often closed for a time, or even a week at one point. It was closed the day we left, forcing us to the next station (to get the tube for Heathrow).

Brunswick Shopping Center.

Interesting architecture here, with flats above the commercial space in this shopping center. There were restaurants, coffee places, sandwich places, a shoe store, beautitian, etc. Most important for us...


...was the food store. Refrigerators are small in England, and since we had to carry home everything we bought (as did most people), we went here often, almost daily, for food.

Lansdowne Street

More construction, and in fact this is the place from whence the crane lifts blocks of pre-cast ferroconcrete and cement, etc. I wish I had the scaffolding concession for London! We all walked down this street every day.

Construction on Guilford Street

There is construction everywhere in London, and our street was no exception. It wasn't clear to us, in our short three months there, what exactly this was going to be, or look like, upon completion.

Looking Down Lamb's Conduit

This was the nearest shopping-type street near our flat. You can nearly see The Lamb on the left, nearest pub to our flat.

Corum Fields

Nearly across the street from our flat were these playing fields. Corum's fields are interesting, as no adults are allowed inside without a child!

15 Guilford Street

Our flat was on the top floor of this building, on the right side as you face it. The English call it the Fourth Floor, but we would call it the Fifth Floor, as we use First and Ground Floor interchangeably.

Our Flat

This the the sitting/eating room in the flat we rented. It was pretty small, but we were pleased with its location.

Corrine Rowland

Working the academic end of the program, Corrine is the main contact person for faculty.

Helen Watson

One of the most cheerful people I've ever met (and working with a cheerful lot at that), Helen also works in student services.

Michelle Pyle

Michelle is part of the student services team. She ran the London Marathon on April 13 to raise money for charity; way to go Michelle!

Nigel Freeman

Nigel works with student services; Nigel was to point man for obtaining tickets to various AIFS sponsored events (cheap tickets!). Nigel was teaching me the proper use of the word "cheers," but 3 months wasn't enough for me...

Sinead Sheehan

Sinead works 'upstairs' at AIFS, dealing with academic issues and member colleges.

Bert Aitchensen

Bert was the main lecturer for the British Life and Culture course. This was a favorite time for me, as I don't usually get to listen to lectures. Bert is a retired police officer, and a "Blue Badge" guide.

Mike, Britt, Andy, Jackie, Jen, Loren and Julie: The Mount in London, 2003

This picture was taken at our last seminar for the British Life & Culture class. Even though we had to leave soon, everyone was still in a pretty good mood, and feeling very positive about their experiences in London; just ask them!

Final AIFS Function: Curry House

As a going away get-together, AIFS treated us all to a wonderful Indian meal at a restaurant in "little Bombay," i.e., Brick Lane. A wonderful send off for a wonderful experience.