Carl Glover (Vocals):

PITA President Carl Glover Carl Glover was born at an early age. His career as a jazz singer began after he was fired as choir director of the Ebenezer Baptist Church. He was fired for leading the choir in a rollicking rendition of He's the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy of Company B, instead of When the Roll is Called Up Yonder, as listed in the church bulletin. Fellow Fire City trumpeter Byron Stay played the bugle at this fateful worship service. Needing work, Glover and Stay teamed up for performances on street corners, brothels, and later for the Salvation Army. Stay played the baritone horn and Glover rang the bell. Shortly thereafter, Glover and Stay obtained mail-order doctoral degrees and hoodwinked Mount Saint Mary's University into hiring them.

In addition to singing with the Fire City Jazz band, Glover is the founder and international president of an organization for liars, curmudgeons, and complainers known as PITA (Pain In The Ass). He lives in his car.

A pair of lungs, vocal cords, and an enormous belly.

Drink plenty of prune juice. You'll be glad you did.

Carl, Feeling Glad

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