Southern Columbia Area
High School
Class of 1974 30-year Reunion

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Wayside Inn, Paxinos, PA

Thanks again to the Reunion Committee for planning this event.  Everyone had a great time.  Here are the pictures I took.  Some are better than others, but I think I got at least one picture of each classmate who attended.  Click on each picture to see the full-sized (very large for printing) version.  Warning!  There are 28 pictures on this page; even at this reduced size, they may take some time to download on a dial-up system! And the 'big' photos are really big!

Reunion Committee

Reunion Committee

Linda (Blass) Hendricks &
Raelene (Welkom) Skerda

Barb Farr

Jay Roberts

Cindy (Wodzak) Whitmer &
Cliff Miller

Dave & Susan Stellfox

Jay & Jean (Motto) Flick

Rick & Lori Steele

Bob & MaryJean (Litwhiler) Maciejewski

Chris & Chuck Shultz

Dave Shaffer & 1/2 Mrs. Boyer

Tom & Donna (Clark) Nesbitt

Don and Heidi (Schlegel) Horn

Joann Koschoff &
MaryAnn (Haladay) & Dave Bierly

Joann (Johnson) & Rollie Ferentz

Chris & Karen (Lehman) Ehmer

Rick & Nancy Bodman

Mr. & Mrs. Brenish

DJ: Extreme Audio

Group Photo
(Sorry Dave, MaryAnn & Cliff, I didn't take it!)

Another Group Photo
(I didn't take this one either! :)

Chris Ehmer takes a picture of his wife (Karen)
and gets a few of the rest of us.
(Graybeard next to her is Bob Keefer)

Catching up

What's new?

Has anything changed?

Dance time, just like in the cafeteria!...

Or maybe the gym?