Sara's Dorm at
the University of Pittsburgh, Titusville

(August 27th, 2004.  We move Sara into her dorm room at UTP.  Click on each picture for a large version.)

A Look in Sara's Door

Ronnie taking a break from moving Sara in; this is the view into Sara's room from the hall.

Sara's Dresser and Desk

Sara's dresser and desk.  She brought a small TV and stereo along.

Sara's Desk with Computer

Sara's desk, with her new computer and her "all-in-one" (printer/copier/scanner).  Each room has ethernet access to the internet.

The View from Sara's Window

The view from Sara's window

The Street-side Entrance to Spruce Hall

The street-side entrance to Spruce Hall, where Sara lives.

Sara's Bunk (On Top)

Deciding where to put everything in Sara's room; her roommate hadn't arrived yet, so we had free reign.  Her bunk is already made.

All Settled In; Good Bye!

Saying goodbye just before we left Sara, whose roommate arrived soon afterwards.

Back in June; After Graduation At Ruby Tuesday

To fill up the extra space, a picture from Sara's graduation night when we went to Ruby Tuesdays.  From left to right: me, Melissa, my Mom, Sara, Nancy  and Ronnie.