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SurreyBrooke Farm, June 17, 2006;
Click here for more photos of this gig.

Playing for the Land Conservancy of Adams County, August 21, 2005

(For more pics of this gig, click here!

Click here for a description of the Habitat for Humanity fund-raiser on February 19th, 2005, from the Frederick County Habitales (newsletter). It includes this picture.

Click here for photos of the band from
the Campano-Radio wedding, November 13, 2004!

The Current Line Up (August, 2004)
(Carl Glover, Andy Rosenfeld, Bobby Murphy, Tim Wolfe Jr., Byron Stay, Tim Wolfe, Bob Keefer, Bill Meredith)
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The Line Up (May 16, 2003)
Claire Moblard (vibes), Bill Meredith (guitar), Bob Keefer (percussion), Carl Glover (vocals),
 Tim Wolfe, Jr. (bass), Byron Stay (trumpet), Andy Rosenfeld (keyboard) and Tim Wolfe (sax)

From the Gettysburg Times, April 28th, 2003: Earth Day Report (Bill Schwartz)
Earth Day Celebration 2003 on Saturday at the Adams County Agricultural and resource Center included a lot of fun and entertainment. [...]among those providing entertainment at the celebration was Fire City Jazz Band from Emmitsburg, Md. Shown are, from left, Bob Keefer on keyboard; Byron Stay on Flugelhorn; Tim Wolfe, Jr. on bass; Bill Meredith on guitar; and Tim Wolfe on sax.

The (old) Current Line Up
Bob Keefer, Andy Rosenfeld, Luke Bowman, Byron Stay, Tim Wolfe, Carl Glover, Tim Wolfe, Jr.; (seated) Bill Meredith

Current Line Up (sort of)
Bob, [a fill-in for] Luke, Tim Jr., Byron, Bill, Tim, and Andy, playing for the Dedication of the new Patriot Center at Mount St. Mary's College.

Tim Jr. at a summer rehearsal.

Old Publicity Shot from the "Holy Grounds" show (Fall, 2001); Carl, Bob, Amy, Byron, Mindy, & Bill

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Last Updated:  22 June, 2006