London Pictures! 

In the Spring of 2003, I was honored to accompany seven Mount St. Mary's students to London England for an AIFS Consortium foreign study experience.  I took my daughters, Sara (who turned 17 while we were there) and Ronnie (turned 14 in London).  We had a wonderful time.  I'm using this space to share some of my pictures with anyone interested.  If you want to know more about the Mount's Foreign Study program, contact the Dean of Academic Affairs, or anyone on the Foreign Study Committee (including me; click here to send me an e-mail).

The pictures are pretty much in chronological order, with some exceptions for 'themes.'  There are a few more to be added as well.  Enjoy!


    1.  London Calling -- Arrival, Windsor, Hampton Court and Trafalgar Square

    2.  Sights of London -- St. Paul's Cathedral and Greenwich

    3.  Parliament and the Globe Theater

    4.  London Walks: Following Oscar Wilde, and exploring the Famous Square Mile

    5.  Buskers!  A Photo Essay on Street performers

    6.  Paris!  Our Weekend in Paris (how cool is that?)

    7.  Country Walks: Exploring the English Countryside

    8.  More AIFS Outings: Stonehenge & Salisbury, Imperial War Museum, Oxford

     9.  Brighton: London's 'Jersey Shore'

     10.  More Countryside Walks: Balcombe Round Walk and Great Missenden to Amersham

         For Star Trek Fans Only!  (no one else would be interested)

     11.  Everyday Life, and the AIFS Staff